Copenhagen.pngPLATFORM Master Class & Workshop
7-8-9 June 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

PLATFORM organises two of its events back-to-back in June 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark:

The events are for invitees only. Outcomes and presentations will be published page to be downloaded for a wider public.


Master Class  "ERA-NET Cofund Actions - tools and methods for efficient call management", 7-8 June 2017

Draft Agenda for the Master Class v2017.03.22

Wednesday 7 June 2017                                                    

12.00-13:00 Registration and welcome lunch
13.00 Opening speech “Evaluation of ERA-NET Cofund Actions under Horizon 2020”
Niels Gøtke, Expert group “ERA-NET Cofund evaluation”, Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Denmark
  Tour de table
  PLATFORM Activities
Christine Bunthof, PLATFORM, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
  Black Box Transparency – Insights in ERA-NET Cofund funding scheme
Roland Brandenburg, ERA LEARN, FFG, Austria
14:00 Working topic A: Support tools for matchmaking and handling of applications and evaluation
Christian Breuer, CoBioTech, Jülich, Germany
Call management systems in use, match‐making methods and data‐protection
  Working topic B: Evaluation and ranking of applications
Daria Julkowska, E-RARE, ANR, France
One‐step v. two‐step procedure, evaluation criteria and comparability of scores
  Round table
Participants share their working methods and best practices; conclusions and recommendations for these topics
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Working topic C: Selection of recommended applications, funding decisions and project negotiation
Anna Gossen, ERA-NET Neuron, DLR, Germany
  Round table
Participants share their working methods and best practices; conclusions and recommendations for this topic
17:30 End of day one
19.00  Dinner and social evening

Thursday 8 June 2017

09.00   Working topic D: Dissemination and joint project monitoring
Ivana Trkulja, ERA-NET CORE Organic, ICROFS, Denmark
  Round table
Participants share their working methods and best practices; conclusions and recommendations for this topic
10.30 Coffee break
11:00  Closing speech “FP9 process and instruments for coordination networks such as ERA-NETs”          
Maria Ulff-Møller, Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Denmark
11.30 Overview of results and recommendations
12:00 End of the Master Class
12.00-13:00 Lunch & Goodbye
Together with participants of the Workshop Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Workshop “Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment  of P2P Networks and Projects”, 8-9 June 2017

Draft Agenda for the Workshop v2017.03.27

Thursday 8 June 2017

12:00-13:00 Registration and welcome lunch
Together with the participants of the Master Class on ERA-NET Cofund call management
13.00 Welcome
Niels Gøtke, Expert Group “ERA-NET Cofund evaluation”, Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Denmark
  Tour de table
  Introduction to current approaches in bioeconomy P2P
Christine Bunthof, PLATFORM, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands
13:30 How to build on research results?
Louise Pierrel Mikkelsen, InvestorNet-Gate2Growth, Denmark
Entrepreneurship, licencing, new research, policy support, societal innovation, exploitation and market uptake
14:15 Coffee break
14:30 PLATFORM University: Lecture on Impact Assessment
Effie Amanatidou, ERA-LEARN, Manchester University, UK
Introduction to the Logical Framework. Focus on the impact assessment, medium and longer term impact, impact for beneficiaries and funding agencies, different kind of impacts: behavioural, science related impacts. What to do and what not to do when measuring impact?
  Interactive group part: World Café
Distinguishing key elements for impact; identifying types and timings of impact

Pilot for centralised project-level impact assessment – outcomes and experiences
Angus Hunter, ERA-LEARN, Optimat, UK & ERA-NET call managers participating in the pilot (tbc)
ERA-LEARN, PLATFORM, and 3 ERA-NETs from the bioeconomy area are conducting a pilot for centralised project impact assessment. The approach, the survey questions and first results will be presented and discussed.

17:30 End of day
19:00 Dinner and social evening

Friday 9 June 2017

09.00 PLATFORM University: Lecture on Monitoring and Evaluation in Cross-Border Cooperations
Patries Boekholt, Technopolis Group, The Netherlands
Focus on monitoring and evaluation part of the Logical Framework and applying it to cross border cooperation. The influence of international collaboration on funding agencies and policy makers; the importance of monitoring and evaluation of P2Ps for funding agencies in convincing policy makers.
10:00 Monitoring and Evaluation of projects
Bettina Heimann, FACCE SURPLUS & FACCE ERA-GAS, Aalborg University, Denmark
Offering an insight in the approach and thinking process in the FACCE SURPLUS and ERA-GAS calls
10:20 Monitoring and evaluation of networks and their activities besides calls
Stefanie Margraf,  JPI FACCE, Project Management Juelich (PtJ), Germany
Strategy and approaches for M&E, what do we want to measure, how to start the process, whom to involve.
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Interactive session
Indicators of good performance
11:45 Wrap up
12:00-13:00 Lunch & Goodbye