WaterWorks2015 workshop: common vision and adapting strategies of the Water JPI and FACCE JPI

This WaterWorks2015* workshop took place in Bonn, Germany on 21 June 2017. The aim of the workshop in Bonn was to form a working group, consisting of experts from both the Water JPI and the JPI on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE JPI) with the purpose to develop a common vision oft the two JPIs. The experts discussed the following issues:

  • the JPI vision and Strategic Research Agenda (SRAs) of both JPIs
  • the commonalities and differences
  • possible synergy activities and shard strategies
  • the common vision: identified key messages, targets, time line and processes.

The event was attended by 18 expert from all over Europe, as well as members of the Water and the FACCE JPI.

*: WaterWorks2015 is a collaboration between the Joint Programming Initiatives Water JPI ('Water Challenges for a Changing World') and FACCE-JPI ('Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change'). Achieving sustainable water use in agriculture, increasing water use efficiency and reducing soil and water pollution are at the intersection of the two JPIs. One of the aims of WaterWorks2015 is the facilitation of the development of a common vision between the Water and FACCE JPIs, and update of their respective SRAs and Implementation Plans. This common vision will lead to alignment of the two SRAs in the common RDI area of Water & Agriculture and the development of international cooperation in the water challenges area.

For more information about WaterWorks 2015: see the Water JPI website

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