WATER JPI Exploratory Workshop, 2-3 November 2017, Dublin, Ireland

The main goal of the 2017 Water JPI Exploratory Workshop was to further elaborate the RDI needs identified in the Water JPI SRIA Theme 1. The participation in this workshop was by invitation only.

The objectives of the workshop included: - gathering relevant experts in the topic, who presented and discussed their findings to other experts and stakeholders (end-users, policy makers and industry), - identifying Knowledge gaps and RDI Needs in that area (Emerging Needs), - further elaborating the SRIA RDI needs. As this theme of the Water JPI SRIA is relevant to the Research Agenda of the BiodivERsA initiative, the workshop also looked at the synergies between the two initiatives. The workshop outputs could potentially be considered as one source of input towards the preparation of a possible future joint call between the two initiatives.

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