Ten Recommendations 'Towards a Danube Region Bioeconomy Concept'

In the Danube Region, the transition to a bioeconomy represents a challenge and an opportunity for growth and jobs creation. However, a macro-regional approach to bioeconomy is lacking.  In this context, the Danube-INCO.NET project* implemented concrete actions with the ultimate goal to provide initial inputs towards the development of bioeconomy in the Danube Region.

Two Pilot Activities entitled “Towards a Danube bioeconomy RTI strategy for appropriate regional added value Chains” and “Building a Bioeconomy Research and Advocacy Network in the Danube Region (DANUBIONET)” confirmed that the Danube Region features essential assets that could trigger economic growth from smart utilisation of available biomass. Furthermore, they demonstrated that there is willingness to cooperate among stakeholders representing different sectors. This notwithstanding, the activities highlighted that the Danube countries are to tackle significant bottlenecks hindering the full deployment of the bioeconomy potential. In order to overcome such barriers, both Pilot Activities identified a number of measures for future actions in support to the development of bioeconomy in the Danube Region.

With the final aim to combine the outcomes of the Pilot Activities, the Workshop 'Fostering Bioeconomy in the Danube Region' was convened. A group of bioeconomy experts gathered in Trieste on 19 May 2017 and discussed a set of 10 Recommendations 'Towards a Danube Region Bioeconomy Concept'. The consolidated set of 10 Recommendations can be found underneath.

10 Recommendations for Fostering Bieconomy in the Danube Regionpdficon_small.png

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