ERA-MBT Workshop results in four actions to capitalize on collaboration opportunities

A workshop with representatives of networks with which the ERA-NET on Marine Biotechnology could potentially set up collaborations was held from 8 to 9 September, back to back with the PLATFORM Annual Event 2015 in Berlin. The aim of the workshop was to explore opportunities for collaboration. Being in the second year of its operational phase, ERA-MBT is actively seeking complementarities between national activities to further support the development of European marine biotechnology.

During this workshop, potential interests were explored which could lead to future collaborations. “The minimum ambition is to come up with at least one concrete action that will be implemented within the coming year” said the organisers Inge Arents from IWT, Flanders and Petra Schulte from PTO JUELICH, Germany. Besides MBT project partners there were six other ERA-NETs (SUSFOOD, ERA-SysAPP, IraSME, Bioenergy, ERASynBio, ERA-IB and ETB-PRO). Furthermore EMBRIC, JPI Oceans, FACCE-JPI and its cofund SURPLUS, EEN, and PLATFORM were represented.

Christine Bunthof presented the objectives and activities of the PLATFORM project, while Kees Kwant presented the outcomes of a study done by PLATFORM in 2014 on collaboration opportunities among bioeconomy ERA-NETs. With four concrete outcomes the workshop proved successful. PLATFORM will be involve in some of these. The PLATFORM Office will facilitate a structured and prompted exchange of information on planned meetings and calls, so that networks can take into account what others are doing and when they are doing that. This may lead to synchronization of call planning, planning of meetings back-to-back, or organised jointly. Moreover, in the next annual event of the platform of bioeconomy ERA-NETs a session on harmonisation will be organised. Furthermore, an event to involve stakeholder needs in joint programming and call planning of ERA-NETs will be organised in Utrecht at the Bioeconomy Stakeholder Event under the Dutch presidency in April 2016.

Find a report, pictures and read more about this workshop on the ERA-NET MBT website.

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