PRIMA pre-announced calls

The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) has pre-announced the PRIMA Section 1 and 2 Calls for proposals for 2018 of the PRIMA Programme. Section 1 consists of actions and activities (Research & Innovation Actions (RIA), and Innovation actions (IA), as defined in the General Annexes of H2020) organised, managed and funded by the PRIMA Foundation. Section 2 entails activities (RIA based on national rules) selected following transnational open and competitive calls for proposals, organised by the PRIMA Foundation and funded by the national funding bodies of the Participating States.

Section 1 Topics
1.1.1. RIA Call – Topic 1: Water reuse and water desalination for agricultural and food production.
1.1.2 RIA Call – Topic 2: Improving the sustainability of Mediterranean agro-ecosystems
1.1.3 IA Call – Topic 3: Implementing innovation in Mediterranean Agro-food chains by smallholders and SMEs.

Section 2 Topics:
Topic 2.1.1: Water resources availability and quality within catchments and aquifers
Topic 2.1.2: Sustainable, integrated water management
Topic 2.1.3: Irrigation technologies and practices
Topic 2.2.1: Adaptation of agriculture to climate change
Topic 2.2.2: Preventing emergence of animal and plant diseases
Topic 2.2.3: Developing farming systems able to generate income, to create employment and to contribute to a balanced territorial development
Topic 2.3.1 Valorising food products from traditional Mediterranean diet
Topic 2.3.2: Food Safety in local food chains

The calls are expected to launch in early February 2018 (both sections).



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