Last news from ERA-NET Sumforest

ERA-NET Sumforest, on Sustainable forest management, multifunctional forestry and European forest policy, ended in December 2017. It has published a brochure with a description of the work achieved and Sumforest's deliverables. The brochure "Tackling the Challenges in the Implementation of Sustainable and Multifunctional Forestry through enhanced Research Coordination for Policy Decisions" also encloses information about the seven research projects funded by Sumforest.

The brochure can be downloaded from the Sumforest website 

Furthermore, Sumforest has published its last newsletter which contains interviews with project coordinators of projects funded under the Sumforest programme, a report of the second stage Sumforest Summer School in Barcelona in October 2017, information about SCAR Forest, a strategic working group on forests and forestry research and innovation, and more...

The newsletter can be downloaded from the Sumforest website

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