ICT-AGRI projects highlight main results in factsheets

ICT-AGRI2 will come to an end in December 2017, and the projects funded by the ICT-AGRI Calls of 2012 and 2014 have now ended. The projects have created their final report, including a one-page facts sheet.

Eight projects were funded in the 2012 call 'ICT and Automation for a Greener Agriculture'. One of these projects is FarmFUSE: 'Fusion of multi-source and multi-sensor information on soil and crop for optimised crop production system'. Ignoring the inherited spatial variation in soil properties with traditional sampling methods leads to poor crop management, yield loss and excess use of input. The FarmFUSE system addresses these issues in two ways: (a) utilising a new and innovative online multi-sensor platform for measuring key soil properties at high sampling resolution, and (b) integrating the improved soil data with other information such as vehicle-borne sensing of crop growth, weather data, soil conductivity and yield maps, to develop algorithms to determine rules for variable rate application. These data are then integrated into a soil and crop information system or farm management information system.
Results showed that the online multi-sensor platform provided accurate measurement of key soil properties. The cost-benefit analysis revealed the FarmFUSE concept to be profitable for the partner farmers across the three experimental farms in Europe. The farmers’ feedback was positive about the project's findings and the farmers are supportive of becoming early adopters.

The 2014 call 'Services & Applications for Smart Agriculture', was a collaboration with the Future Internet Accelerator project SmartAgrifood. Fifty projects were funded in this call, whereof nine projects with ICT-AGRI funded participation. One of these projects is 'Happy Cow'. Happy Cow developed hardware and software for a cloud-based estrus detection system for dairy farms, with special focus on organic dairy farms. The results of the applied research in the Happy Cow project are used in a commercially available health and activity tracker for dairy cows that is available to dairy farmers since 2017.

For more information, please see:
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