ICT-AGRI conference on ICT and robotics for a sustainable agriculture

This conference, which focuses on digitisation in the agri-food system, will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 24 November 2017. ERA-NET ICT-AGRI2, which will end in December 2017*, is the organisator of this event.

The program consist of three main parts about opportunities and challenges, European collaboration, and ICT-AGRI (its contributions, history and future) respectively. Presentations will be held by representatives from research, industry, SMEs, and national and European administrations.

With this conference the ICT-AGRI consortium hopes to inspire and give rise to a widened collaboration in Europe and worldwide.

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For the detailed program and registration, please go to the ICT-AGRI website

*: The ICT-AGRI consortium aims for an ERA-NET Cofund in 2019.

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