FACCE-JPI workshop on Technologies

The FACCE-JPI exploratory workshop on technologies was held in Copenhagen on 21 November 2017. It explored how to foster the adoption of existing (and emerging) technologies for primary production in the context of climate change that are on the edge of being mature but not yet widely adopted. More than 40 researchers, stakeholders and policy makers came together with the aim to create:

  • a list of proposed key actions and topics to be potentially addressed by FACCE-JPI in its next Implementation Plan.
  • possible opportunities for networks on technologies to increase awareness within the agricultural research sector
  • a better mutual understanding of the barriers and constraints which hinder the adoption of new technologies by the agricultural industry, stakeholders and farmers.

The outcomes of the workshop will feed into a report and recommendations identifying next steps for the FACCE-JPI Governing Board. Some key outcomes from the workshop:

  • participants stressed the need for further refining and uptake/ implementation of existing research and technologies
  • involve end-users in research and innovation, the implementation of new technologies, and priority setting
  • big data is an overarching topic in research, including making use of existing data

The workshop was held back to back with the FACCE-JPI workshop on big data.

Further information:
Background paper Workshop on Technologies (including agenda) pdficon_small.png
FACCE-JPI webpage on the workshops on “technologies” and “big data"

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