FACCE-JPI workshop on Big Data

The FACCE-JPI exploratory workshop on big data was held in Copenhagen on 22 November 2017. The objective of the workshop was to identify the potential role of big-data for food security, with a focus on collecting data, translating data into information, and promoting and facilitating the use of information by end-users (including via open data/ knowledge policies). More than 40 relevant experts and stakeholders came together to identify the key big data issues in FACCE-JPI’s remit (the intersection of agriculture, food security and climate change) and to explore what role FACCE-JPI can take in realising the potential of big data both through its existing and future research projects (e.g. maximising the use of generated data; providing guidelines on data management) and by taking action to address the challenges identified in the background paper of the workshop.

The background paper served to set the landscape for the workshop, and identified key questions to be considered. The following objectives were set:  

  • To explore research needs and research gaps
  • To identify potential application and integration (reassembling) of relevant new and existing data
  • To maximise impact in FACCE-JPI projects through use of existing data
  • To identify infrastructures and tools to be used by FACCE-JPI at joint action level

The results of the workshop will feed into recommendations for the FACCE-JPI Governing Board on how FACCE-JPI can address the challenges and opportunities of big data in FACCE-JPI’s remit. Some key points from the workshop are:

  • data mining is one of the key priorities (knowing where which data is, how it is structured and generated)
  • use of the FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interopable, reusable) can be supportive
  • co-creation with end-uses of the data-drives solutions will be important for new initiatives. Alignment with private sector (including farmers) and policy-makers.


The workshop was held back to back with the FACCE-JPI workshop on technologies.

Further information:
Background paperpdficon_small.png and agendapdficon_small.png of workshop on Big Data
FACCE-JPI webpage on the workshops on “technologies” and “big data"


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