Pre-launch ICT-AGRI Call 2015: Enabling Precision Farming

The aim of the call is to fund transnational projects, which will contribute to enabling precision farming.

Precision Farming is a key element in Sustainable Intensification, i.e. increasing food production with smaller environmental footprints. Although Precision Farming has been studied and developed for more than two decades, adoption of the technology in primary agriculture is still behind expectations. There are, therefore, needs for research, development and innovation concerning the adoption of Precision Farming in primary agriculture.

Transnational Precision Farming solutions

There are obvious advantages of addressing these needs in transnational projects. Improvements of compatibility require standardisation, de jure or de facto, on the European and even international scale. The large development costs of PF solutions are a hindrance for profitable innovation by enterprises on a national or regional market. It is vital to establish methods for adapting PF solutions to national or regional conditions,

Themes and topics:

  • Methodologies for transnational Precision Farming solutions
    • Compatibility and interoperability of the components in PF solutions
    • Cost-benefit analysis of PF solutions
  • Implementation of transnational Precision Farming solutions
    • Variable rate application of fertilisers, water or pesticides
    • Controlled traffic farming
    • Precision Livestock Farming

The call will be open for submission of pre-proposals from 16th February to 24th April 2015. Information about funding will be available when the call opens.

More information about the call pre-launch of the ICT-AGRI 2015 call can be found at the ICT-AGRI website

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