Filling the gaps in IPM research and knowledge exchange - report of C-IPM annual meeting

The ERA-net C-IPM is setting the stage for a coordinated effort to prepare calls for research and knowledge exchange in integrated pest management (IPM) in Europe. Existing research, infrastructures and capacities in Europe have been mapped and analysed.

The ERA-net C-IPM is moving along and has now reached the stage where topics for calls are being chosen. The latest activity was the annual meeting of C-IPM held in Carcavelos, Portugal, 26-28 November 2014. At this meeting 48 participants from 20 European countries were gathered to direct European research and knowledge exchange regarding IPM toward efficient research collaboration.

Prior to the meeting the existing European IPM research, infrastructure and capacity landscape in the partner countries had been mapped and analysed. This set the stage for identifying core themes and engaging in the identification of call topics for research and knowledge exchange.

Research in IPM and the coherence with topics selected for the calls will be further discussed at the C-IPM workshop in Poznan on13 January 2015.

Read more about the C-IPM Annual Meeting on the C-IPM website

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