The ERASynBio project ended – read about the past and future in ERASynBio's last newsletter

The ERA-NET on Synthetic Biology ERASynBio has come to an end, but every end is a new beginning. Most partners will continue developing European synthetic biology through a self-sustainable initiative. A look into the future of ERASynBio is provided in ERASynBio's last newsletter (December 2014) by Dr. Marrion Karrasch-Bott, who will succeed Dr. Annette Kremser in coordinating the self-sustainable initiative. The initiative will build on the successes of ERASynBio, a snapshot of which the newsletter will also give you. In addition the most notable events and summer schools of 2015 are also summarized. The newsletter finishes overseas to look into synbio research in the US, a piece provided by our US observing partner and call participant, the NSF.

Future newsletters will continue to be issued in the new self-sustained ERASynBio to keep you informed about its activities and plans for the future. A new website is also being prepared which will provide up to date information on current developments and happenings in the European synthetic biology community and beyond.

Read the ERASynBio newsletter

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